UniBar/Meat and Vege Raffle

Meat and Vege Raffle

We are currently out of session. Our regular events will return next semester, see you then!

Our Monday Meat and Veg Raffle is the place to be, with $250 worth of trays to be won each week. Simply get a ticket with every $5 spent on food or drinks between 4PM – 5PM.

Grocery costs breaking the bank? UniBar’s got you covered!

4PM – 5PM


Terms & Conditions

  1. The name of the game is UniBar Meat and Veg Raffle
  2. The game starts on Monday 26th of February.
  3. Entry into the game is gained by patrons: when they make any purchase in the venue over $5
  4. Subject to satisfying the entry requirement, a patron will receive a raffle ticket/s in the game for every $5 spent, 1 ticket for purchase $5-$9.95, 2 tickets for a purchase $10-$14.95, 3 tickets for a purchase $15-$19.95
  5. Entries close at 5pm sharp.
  6. The draw will be conducted each Monday in session, each semester(Weeks 1-13, excluding public holidays & Mid-Semester breaks) at approx. 5:00pm.
  7. The place where the draw will be undertaken is UniBar, Building 12, University of Wollongong, Kieraville, NSW 2500.
  8. A minimum of 9 prizes will be drawn per draw.
  9. The number of the successful entrants will be audibly and clearly announced so that all patrons who have a ticket in the draw have the opportunity of hearing the announcement. Entrants must present or have nominated someone to choose for them and that person is present at the time of the draw to be eligible to pick a prize
  10. If the successful entrant fails to present themselves to the person who conducted the draw within 3 minutes of the announcement, a further draw will take place and the process continues until successful entrants present themselves.
  11. The successful entrant will have the opportunity to select from 6 meat trays valued at $25 and 2 vegetable trays valued at $25, after these 8 prizes have been claimed the final winner will be the winner of the ‘Major Meat Tray” valued at $50.
  12. the Total Value of all the prizes at each raffle it to be worth $250
  13. The promoter is UniBar, Building 12, University of Wollongong, Northfields Ave Kieraville 2500.
  14. All winners agree to be in any promotional activities related to the draw
  15. UniBar Staff are not permitted to enter
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