UniBar/Rogues + Jetrio


Rogues + Jetrio



HERE&NOW is a new presentation from the WollCon Jazz Series celebrating the cutting-edge; four
nights of state-of-the-art, live, original music featuring the most exciting young artists on the
improvised music scene.


Jetrio are a neo-instrumental band with a unique sensitivity to ambience. The atmospheres they
create evoke and juxtapose folkloric melodies alongside bouts of undulating rhythms. Their
recording debut, Jetrio: I is available now on Band camp.


The brainchild of Sydney saxophonist and composer David Reglar, genre bending, original music
quintet Rogues draws on many influences from the worlds of jazz and folk with hints of country and
indie rock. Think The Bad Plus meets Bon Iver or Thom Yorke fused with The Matt Keegan Trio – the
exciting interplay of modern jazz with the sensitivity and melodicism of popular music.

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